It is difficult to keep a check on youngsters’ excitement once they receive their driving license. All they want to do is get behind the steering of a four-wheeler and zoom away in style. Long midnight drives, weekend road trips, quick ride with a loved one; they are waiting for these cherished dreams to come true.

Many factors help auto insurance companies determine your insurance rates. However, one of the biggest variables that most insurers consider is the driver’s age, with teens and young adults younger than 25 receiving some of the highest rates across the board.

Stats show that new driver insurance tend to end up in more accidents than older, more experienced drivers; also, they typically drive older, less reliable cars with fewer safety features.

Car Insurance for Teens

Apart from being a mandatory requirement, car insurance offers a host of benefits for first-time drivers. A car insurance policy is a promise made by the insurer to the policyholder and it is governed by terms and conditions. It states that the insurance company will offer financial support in case of car-related mishaps.

Considering young drivers do not have much experience when it comes to driving in traffic, for a longer duration, or in tricky conditions such as winding roads or during torrential rainfall; the chances of raising an accident-related claim are on the higher side as compared to skilled drivers. Therefore, car insurance is a must.

Best Car Insurance for New Drivers

when you select an insurance company for your young driver, look at several factors. We scoured carriers’ offerings, looking at average premiums, young driver discounts, accident forgiveness policies, and more to compile a list of the best car insurance companies for teen and young adult drivers (cheap car insurance for under 25). Based on our findings, our choices are:

Below you’ll find cheap car insurance for new drivers offers available from our advertising partners, followed by our complete in-depth list of the best car insurance companies for teens we’ve found.

Good Insurance for Young Drivers

Insurance Quotes for New Drivers

Whether people own a new car or an old one, no one wants to pay a hefty amount to buy car insurance. This is where a little research and analysis will help you save big bucks by finding a suitable car insurance quote.

You can find inexpensive/cheap car insurance for young drivers by understanding the factors that decide the quote.

Here’s a list of factors that have a direct bearing on first-time car insurance quotes for young drivers in case of a Comprehensive Plan.

  • Make, Model and Variant of the vehicle
  • Registration location
  • Type of car insurance policy
  • Add-on coverages if any
  • Security features such as Anti-theft devices