JoinPD is a platform to join a presentation in progress with your code.

JoinPD is powered by Pear Deck which assist both the teachers and students to have virtual class.

The teacher is expected to create a presentation by signing into his or her JoinPD account, send the JoinPD code to all the concerned students or individual to join at their various locations.

It’s as simple as that. However, students also need to create a login username and password to be able to participate in the presentation in progress.

Therefore, whatever reason why you want to create or reset your Joinpd password this guide will be of help.

In this guide, we will walk you through how to get your login username and password as a teacher as well as a student and a simple approach to go to to participate in the ongoing presentation.

Join PD .con

JoinPD is a tool created for the interactive purpose between the instructor (teacher) and the audience which we can refer to as the students.

With the JoinPD program, the teacher created a representative using Google Drive with their Google account. So, officially, to create a JoinPD presentation the teacher needs to create the presentation via Google drive using their Google account.

However, for students to participate in the presentation in progress the teacher will have to give out the JoinPD login code which the students need to provide after they have successfully logged into their JoinPD account.

There are a wide range of tools available on JoinPD for teachers to access to make learning easier and interactive without affecting the teaching-students learning relationship.


What is pear deck With the help of JoinPD, the teacher has to create his/her presentation on Google Drive and then present it through the JoinPD platform.

How is this possible and know how JoinPD works?

  • When a teacher creates a presentation and imports it into JoinPD, the delegate is given an access code that the teacher will send to all participants to answer questions.
  • And on the other end the teacher has the power to limit and control what each student can do.
  • The most prominent feature of JoinPD that teachers love is the ability to prevent students from editing or changing submitted answers in order to monitor the progress of all participants.


There are two options available when creating a JoinPD account. The student account and the teacher account. The teacher’s account allows teachers to create a presentation, generate the representative code and give it to the students that are concerned, login to monitor the performance of each students and control what the students can do with the answers they provided which include the feature to lock students out from editing submitted answers to the presentation.

Create JoinPD Login

We present to you how to create a JoinPD login below

  • Go to the official JoinPD website address “” or
  • Select “Teacher Login” on the website navigation to the top right.
  • Choose the option you want to log in with. The two options available are “Log in with Google” or log in with Microsoft.”
  • Allow “JoinPD” or “PearDeck” access to access your “Google Drive” account.” JoinPD will ask you some questions, answer them to the best of your knowledge. PearDeck promised not to store your data so you can count on them. Meanwhile, you can also read their data policy to satisfy your curiosity.
  • Now, the process to set up your JoinPD account will start. Select “Teacher” to set up a teacher account on “JoinPD” otherwise select student to set up a student “Account.”
  • As a teacher, select “Authorize” to connect your JoinPD or PearDeck as you may also refer to it, sign in with your Google account.
  • Select your school from the drop menu and the location postal code. However, if you are outside the United State and your school isn’t available on the list, type the name of your school and the postal code of the region or any number (5 digits) to represent the postal code.
  • Select “Get Started” to start your presentation. With this, you get PearDeck 30 days premium as a free trial and have unrestricted access to Peardeck features and tools.

If you signed in with a Google account you should select “Google Slide” or “Powerpoint Online Presentation” for the Microsoft login option.

Now, you will be prompted to get the JoinPD extension to create your slide.

Joinpd Com Login

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