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On its company website, JAA Lifestyle claims to be a company that offers financial freedom for all of its members through an ‘affiliate business model’. It is an Asian platform that claims to already have a global presence in the business. JaaLifestyle seemed to be launched in May 2020.

Jaa Lifestyle

Jaa lifestyle enables its community to share jaa lifestyle’s mission of financial freedom by engaging in their corporate affifliate business model.

in this article bring you complete information about Jaa LifeStyle Business Plan, whose information you may not have found on any YouTube or website yet. Because I believe that you are investing then you should have all kinds of information.

If you are associated with this scheme or are thinking of joining Jaa Lifestyle Company, then start joining or working only after taking complete information.

JAALifeStyle.Com also claims that if she is not taking a penny why is she taking 10 euros. Now some people will say that some other company is taking KYC for KYC, then let me tell you that no person anywhere charges for KYC.

What is JAALifestyle? How does this work

  • Jaa Lifestyle was started in London, UK only in 2020. The full form of Jaa Lifestyle is Jumpstart An Amazing Lifestyle.
  • In India it is registered under MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) from Bangalore on 3rd December 2020 Its directors name are Johnny and Jolly Johnny.
  • Jaa Lifestyle has also promised to give shares of the company to its initial member, although we have not seen this company in any stock exchange. So what was the point of giving that part, there is no information.

Jaa Lifestyle Login

If you have’t registered yourself on the website of Jaa Lifestyle, then we are telling you the complete step wise below how you can log in to its website. You can easily log in to the portal by following the steps given below.

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  • For this, first you have to go to the official website of Jaa Lifestyle Login. For this, you can go by clicking on this link.
  • After this, the homepage of the website will appear in front of you. Here you have to click on ‘Login‘ option in the top menu.
  • Now the login page will appear in front of you. Here you have to enter your Username and Password.
  • After that, you have to click on the ‘Login‘ button below.

How to Login Jaa Lifestyle with jaa lifestyle login id and password

Those who want to register themselves on this website, we are telling the step wise the whole process. You can easily register yourself on the portal by following the steps mentioned below.

  • First of all, you have to go to the official website of Jaa Lifestyle. For this, you can go by clicking on this link.
  • After that, the homepage will appear in front of you. Here you have to click on the ‘Sign Up‘ button at the top.
  • Now the registration form will appear in front of you. In this form, you have to enter your Full Name, Username, Email, Phone Number, Country, Date of Birth, Password, etc.
  • After that, click on the ‘Sign Up‘ button below.
  • Now an OTP will come to your registered mobile number, you will have to verify it.
  • After OTP you will be registered on the portal.

Jaa Lifestyle Login ID Creat

  • Pay for PV: Complete your verification now and unlock your full earning potential.
  • Skip PV payment: You can complete your PV for free and you are eligible to earn up to €350 in advertising profits! Note that if you choose your Skip PV payment now, you will wait 6 months from the date of your PV to receive the full €1 000 limit!
JAA Lifestyle login, JAA Lifestyle company profile, what is jaa lifestyle , how to login jaa lifestyle, is jaa style real or fake

Choose Your Interests

*Select at least 25 interests in the categories provided and select Save.

How to Earn Money with JAALifeStyle?

To earn money from Jaa Lifestyle’s plan, first of all a person has to join this company. According to the company there is no joining fee, but for KYC, you will have to pay 20 Euro i.e. around 1800 Indian rupees.

After joining Jaa Lifestyle, you can earn money by watching ads and calling other people in it. It is also necessary to do KYC of the people whom you will call in the downline.

Direct Referral Income Jaa Lifestyle

Whoever joins Direct Referral Income, if you also watch a task or video like yours, then you will get Rs. He will get 240/- per day i.e. monthly Rs. 7200/- will be available.

One thing should be kept in mind here that if any of your downline does not work daily or forgets some day, then you will not get income from that member. You can give as many direct associations as you want in a lifestyle. And likewise you will also have income.

Daily Income Plan Jaalifestyle

When your ID is activated, you will get 60 videos from the company in your phone daily, on which you will get Rs. 240/- and monthly Rs. 7200/- which the company is talking about.

Rupee. 240/- daily Rs. 7200/- Monthly Rs. 86,400/- can be earned annually.

How to withdraw money from JAA Lifestyle?

Log into your account and go to Account Overview

Scroll down to the My Commissions section. Next to Available Currently, you will see a Withdraw button. Click on it.
Please note that you must have over €100 in available commission to be able to see the Withdrawal button.

You will now be on your Personal Details screen

Here you will be able to see the amount you have available to withdraw.

Add your information in Jaalifestyle Login

In order to withdraw your commission, you must add your details. Select I want to add a new bank account from the drop-down menu.

Fill in your details and select your country from the drop-down menu.

Fill in your bank details

Fill in the details of your bank, including its name, the address and the city and country the bank operates in.

At the bottom of the screen, please enter the amount you want to withdraw.

Please note: this amount cannot be less than €100.

It is very important that you enter your banking details correctly. JAALifestyle cannot be held liable for incorrect details entered.

Scroll back up

Now that you have entered the amount, you can click the Withdraw button.

Info About Jaa Lifestyle you should know

  • Compant Name – Jaa Lifestyle
  • Website – https://www.jaalifestyle.com/
  • Status – Doubtful
  • Company Type – Finance / MLM
  • Language – English
  • Registered Office Address – 37th Floor One Canada Square, London, England, E14 5AB

How jaa Lifestyle Works

Together with our Advertising Partner we have been completely blown away with the explosive response by the number of people wanting to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. In just 6 weeks since the launch of the program on April 20th, 2020, we surpassed 2 million Lifestylers registered and we are now in almost every country of the world.


Once your PV verification is complete and we have reached the 3 million PVs, (read more about this here(link)) you are requiredto download and install our Advertising Partner’s App from their website on your smartphone. If you do not have a smartphone, you can login to your account on their website using a computer to access their web-based App.

First you need to setup the App by choosing 20 categories of products and services for which you want to receive ads from advertisers including local, national and international companies. As part of the setup process, you agree to accept two offers per day, per category that you have chosen. This is to make sure that you are not being spammed with advertising, and that the companies sending it to you know that they are not just one among hundreds of companies.

Jaa Lifestyle Income

Your Advertising Bonus is not paid by JAALifestyle but by our Advertising Partner. For every ad you open, you will receive a small payment of your advertising bonus directly to your “eWallet”. You can receive your bonus into your bank account, or to a debit card they will offer.
You are required to accept a maximum 50 ads per day based on your chosen categories.

Jaa Lifestyle Referral Bonus

For every person you introduce to this opportunity you will receive the same amount per ad as them when they open it.The only requirement our partners have, is that YOU must open YOUR ads to receive the payment from those ads, and from your referrals who open their ads.

‘Jaa lifestyle’ is Real or Fake:

In our review we found that if you want to earn with Jaa life style website you have to add members, sell their products, referr website to other and complete tasks in the website.

We take a look at many reviews on Internet, and I was not shocked to find some complaints. After reviewing so many websites and apps, I know how they work.

After the research on internet and on various consumer forums we found many people sharing their experiences with the company, which are neither so good nor so bad. As per our research, Ja lifestyle seems to be safe, but there are some major problems that put it in a category of suspicious.

Missing complete company owner information defines the unsafeness of the website. Another big reason is that the company charges activation charges from people to become member.

Thus, its your choice to became the member of that company or not.

Note – We recommend all the people to do proper research before joining. We recommend you to explore that website on your best level before making any decision and we insist you to share your experience with us in the comment section.

JAA Lifestyle license, JAA Lifestyle company profile, what is jaa lifestyle , how to login jaa lifestyle, is jaa style real or fake

Does it mean Jaa lifestyle is a scam?

Without solid proof or evidence we cannot make such a claim on our website.

Jaa lifestyle Pros and Cons:


  • Earning Website


  • Lack of licensing or certifications.
  • Overhyped
  • No clear customer assistance service provided

Jaa Lifestyle Login Dashboard

When you log in to the website of Jaa Lifestyle, after that the dashboard of the website will come in front of you. You will see many options under the dashboard. Your account details will also appear here. You can see details like Current Potential Income, Total Future Shares, Current Estimated FS Value, Total Commission, etc. On scrolling down a bit, you will see the details of all the commissions under “My Commissions“. You will see many information like this on the dashboard. After logging in, a dashboard like this will open in front of you.

As you all would know that the users associated with this company have to add other people to their team and only then they get income. When your registration is successful, you will get a referral link. If someone else joins by clicking on your referral link, then he will join your team. Similarly, according to your team, the earning potential will also increase. Many people will not know how to get referral link. So we are telling you the step wise process below about it. You can easily get your referral link by following the steps given below.

  • For this, first, you have to go to the official website of Jaa Lifestyle Login.
  • After this, you will reach the homepage of the website.
  • Here you have to click on “Login” in the top menu.
  • On the next page, you have to log in by entering your username and password.
  • After logging in, a dashboard will appear in front of you.
  • On the dashboard, you’ll see a link at the top right under “Your Referral Link“.
  • You have to copy this link. With this referral link, you will have to join other people.

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