how to Increase Sperm Count

Food To Increase Sperm Count Food to increase sperm motility fast

Based on the most recent World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, experts consider a healthful sperm count to be 15 million per milliliter (ml), or at least 39 million per ejaculate.

Doctors consider a sperm count under 15 million per ml to be low, and it may cause fertility issues.

Overall, health professionals believe that factors that influence testosterone levels have the most significant impact on sperm number and quality.

Certain medical conditionsTrusted Source — including inherited genetic disorders, infections, and tumors — can also impact sperm count.

However, some lifestyle choices and natural remedies can help support the hormones that control sperm production, which may aid the healthy development of sperm and improve sperm count.

how to Increase Sperm Count

If you and your partner are experiencing fertility issues, know that you’re not alone. Infertility is more common than you might think.

It affects about one in every six couples, and researchers estimate about one in every three cases is due to fertility problems in the male partner alone.

While infertility is not always treatable, there are some things you can do to boost your chances of conceiving. Fertility can sometimes be improved with a healthy diet, supplements, and other lifestyle strategies.

The masculine power of any man depends on his health. Therefore, it is important that appropriate measures are taken to treat any type of body problem on time. Many men also face a lot of problem to increase sperm count, but we are going to tell them here some special foods and tips which they can use very easily.

What Is Male Infertility?

Male infertility means a man is not able to start a pregnancy with his female partner. Male infertility can have many causes. You may not make enough sperm or healthy sperm. You may have a genetic problem like cystic fibrosis.

Infertility can have multiple causes and may depend on genetics, general health, fitness, diseases, and dietary contaminants.

Additionally, a healthy lifestyle and diet are important. Some foods and nutrients are associated with greater fertility benefits than others.

Sperm Count Ranges

Normal sperm densities range from 15 million to greater than 200 million sperm per milliliter of semen. You are considered to have a low sperm count if you have fewer than 15 million sperm per milliliter or less than 39 million sperm total per ejaculate.

Sperm Count Testing Cost

Semen analysis or sperm count test is carried out to determine a man’s fertility by measuring the quantity and quality of the sperm produced. This test assesses three major factors: shape of sperm, sperm count and their motility. It also tests semen, the fluid that contains them.

A freshly retrieved semen sample is examined under microscope to determine the size and count and a range of other tests are conducted on the sample. Semen analysis test is often recommended when couples face problems conceiving. The test determines whether infertility is the reason.

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Home Sperm Count Test

Home sperm tests measure sperm count — the number of sperm in the fluid (semen) ejaculated during an orgasm. But sperm count is only one factor in male fertility.

Home sperm tests require ejaculation into a collection cup. While procedures vary for transferring semen and completing the test, results are typically available within a few minutes. The tests work by detecting a protein found only in sperm.

If a home sperm test indicates that your sperm concentration is low (negative), you’ll likely want to consult a doctor for a complete fertility evaluation. A positive test result indicates that your sperm concentration is considered normal.

A normal sperm count, however, doesn’t tell you whether you’re fertile or not. Home sperm tests only determine sperm concentration. They don’t measure any other factors. Many common causes of male infertility are missed by at-home sperm tests. A typical semen analysis performed by an infertility specialist assesses:

  • Semen volume
  • Total sperm number
  • Sperm concentration
  • Vitality (percent alive)
  • Movement (motility)
  • Shape (morphology)

If you’re concerned about your fertility, get an infertility evaluation. Relying on a home sperm test might lead to delays in seeking appropriate fertility evaluation and treatment.

Does Masturbation Affect Sperm Count

Masturbation will typically lead to ejaculation. Although this won’t have any long term effects to your sperm quality or count, it does affect your sperm count temporarily. Every time you ejaculate you will lose sperm from your body.

Foods that Increase Sperm Count

This article lists some of the main lifestyle factors, foods, nutrients, and supplements that have been associated with improved fertility in men.

Food to increase sperm motility fast What are the best ways to increase sperm count?

For the most part, taking supplements is a safe way for a person to reach their daily requirement for most vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. However, the body does not always easily absorb them.Most studies suggest that eating foods that provide good amounts of specific compounds and chemicals allows the body to use them more efficiently.


Eggs are a healthy option to increase sperm count as they are filled with protein. Eggs also protect the sperm from damaging free radicals and improve motility. The nutrients present in an egg, help in the production of stronger and healthier sperm and improve fertility.


Vitamins such as A, B1, and C in a banana help the body manufacture healthier and stronger sperm cells. The sperm count also depends on these vitamins. Bananas are rich in these vitamins and contain a rare enzyme known as Bromelain. This enzyme prevents inflammation as well as helps the body improve sperm quality and count.


Folic acid is integral for the healthy development of sperm. Leafy vegetables are a rich source of folic acid and spinach is an ideal supplement to include in your diet. Higher levels of folic acid also reduce the number of abnormal sperms in the semen thereby increasing the chances of successful penetration of the sperm into the egg.

Maca Roots

Maca roots are known to increase sperm counts and fertility. Men who consume this herb as a supplement tend to have an increased volume of semen as well and also possess sperms of better motility.


Asparagus. Yes, asparagus can make your pee smell really funky – but according to science it can also “bulk up” your sperm production. Recent research found that supplementing your diet with asparagus adscendens root (AARR) helped to boost daily sperm production rate in men when taken daily for four weeks. Asparagus is a vegetable that is high in vitamin C and has a number of positive effects on sperm. It fights free radicals as well as protects the testicular cells, paving the way to better sperm counts, increased motility, and sperm quality.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is loaded with an amino acid named L-Arginine HCl which is proven to contribute to higher sperm counts and volume. Consumption in limited quantities can improve sperm counts to an extent.

Zinc-rich Foods

Zinc plays a huge role in the production of sperm cells. Foods such as barley, beans, and red meat are rich in zinc and should be included in your diet to have a higher sperm count. Deficiency of zinc can even lead to a decrease in sperm motility, reducing fertility.

Pumpkin Seeds

Phytosterol, which is known to improve testosterone production in the body, is a component that is present in pumpkin seeds. This helps in the increase of the sperm count and fertility. These seeds also contain omega-3 fatty acids that improve blood circulation and increase semen volume.


Nuts are a good source of healthy fats and protein. Healthy fat is required for the production of the cell membrane for sperm cells. These omega-3 fatty acids also help boost the volume of sperm by promoting blood flow to the testicles. The arginine content in walnut contributes to the increase in sperm count. The antioxidants present in walnuts also help in removing toxins in the bloodstream.


There are several types of berries, such as blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, and blackberries. Consuming these berries also helps in increasing the sperm. Not only this, if you consume these berries regularly, then it may also show active improvement in sperm motility. You can also drink these as smoothies.

Asparagus sperm motility

The name of asparagus is prominent in green nutritious vegetables and the reason is that there is a stock of nutritious elements in it. If you are using asparagus vegetable three to four times a week in your diet, it can help you to increase sperm count to a great extent.


Ashwagandha is an Ayurvedic herb found in mountainous areas. In Ayurveda, adequate discussion on the many benefits of its treatment is also available. At the same time, men who have a problem of low sperm count can increase it easily by consuming ashwagandha.

Masoor Dal

Lentil lentils contain folic acid, which acts very actively for fertility of men. If you want, you can include this pulse in your lunch or dinner. At the same time, many people also like to drink water of this pulse for sperm motility, for which it can show positive results.

Eat zinc foods

Consumption of zinc source foods can also increase sperm count. These foods mainly include foods like beans, oats, sesame, peanut garlic. You can get the benefit of increasing sperm count by including them in your food in different ways. You will find these foods easily at the grocery shop too.


Natural remedies for increase sperm count

1. Get enough exercise and sleep

2. Quit smoking

3. Avoid excessive alcohol and drug use

4. Avoid certain prescription medications

5. Take a fenugreek supplement

6. Get enough vitamin D

7. Take ashwagandha

8. Eat more antioxidant-rich foods

9. Increase healthful fat intake

10. Reduce unhealthful fat intake


Such lifestyle changes include adopting a regular exercise regimen and sleep schedule, as well as avoiding tobacco, excess alcohol, and illicit drugs. It may also help to avoid particular prescription medications.
Taking herbal supplements, such as fenugreek and ashwagandha, may also help.
Dietary changes that promote a higher sperm count include reducing the intake of trans fatty acids and increasing polyunsaturated fatty acid and vitamin D intake.
Maintaining a healthful, balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables is the best way to boost sperm count through the diet.


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