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What is Bizgurukul? If you do not know about Bizgurukul Affiliate Business Plan, then in this article you will read Bizgurukul Review 2021.

Biz Gurukul is Affiliate Marketing, Biz Gurukul means “School of Business”. Biz (Business) Gurukul (School). That is, here you learn how you can do business.


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Bizgurukul is related to Gyankosh Education Service, the main thing of which is that it is an Online eLearning Platform, in which you can learn a lot along with career and business development, also how you can earn money from social media.

Bizgurukul also provides training for all these things. Apart from providing courses to its clients, Bizgurukul also gives an opportunity to become a Bizgurukul Affiliate.

  • Biz Gurukul also provides training on how you can earn money from social media.
  • Biz Gurukul provides its clients with e-learning courses as well as gives its clients an opportunity to become affiliates.
  • By promoting all the courses available on Biz Gurukul platform, their clients can earn commission.
  • Bijgurukul Online Business is the best option for job oriented people.

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The official website of BizGurukul is, and the founders of BizGurukul are Rohit Kumar Sharma (Co-Founder Business Head) and Ritvij Tiwari (Co-Founder CEO).

You can also earn good commission by being a part of Biz Gurukul Affiliate Program. Now you have to develop your personality along with doing business.

Biz Gurukul is not for everyone. Those who have business oriented mind can understand this very well. Those who were doing digital marketing, online marketing, their losses were reduced, because all were working digitally from home.

How to do Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing which can be achieved by Stab Bizgurukul, Movies can earn commission by selling the company’s product on its website or social media apps.

Bizgurukul is a simple method, which includes Bizgurukul Courses. Which we learn by buying and can also promote these courses and earn commission, this commission can be up to 70%.

How to Join Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing?

How to Join Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing? If you want to join your Affiliate Marketing Program like: Amazon, Bizgurukul etc.

If you want to join Bizgurukul affiliate marketing program then follow some simple steps:

  • Open Bizgurukul site and go to its first page and create a new account.
  • Now fill this new account name, address, email id, mobile number, pan card, blog/website url, payment details.
  • After filling all these systematically, you get registered with the affiliate.
  • After registering, the company whose affiliate fills this page (Amazon) sends you a confirmation mail.
  • Log in to that mail brings up a dashboard where you can select products from that site (Amazon) and copy the link and share it on your site or social media apps.

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