Best Online Business Ideas In India 2022

Online business in India without investment has become drastically easy after the revolution of cheap internet connectivity and availability of smart phones.

As the world growing and changing tremendously day by day. India is also going to create many opportunities for online businesses. Specially when you want to do it without any investments.

You might have often given a thought to starting an online business and making easy money by relaxing at the home, beach, or on the hills on vacations. But the thought of the investment might have even resisted you to start your own business or make money.

In this post, we have featured the 18 best Online Business Ideas In India that actually work and help you in earning a decent amount of money. The best part is that here in these business ideas you don’t have to make investments.

A little investment is indeed a requirement in every business if you are starting on your own. If you wish to start a business of your own it would take you at least 1 year or 6 months to get settled. There are a number of risks in a new business.

There are hundreds of online business ideas occurring everyday. The world is becoming dependent on internet. From e-commerce platforms to home delivery food services, everyone is trying to transfer their business towards online. It might be anything like a  website or an app.

Accessing services through a cheap internet connection has taken place of many offline services. Therefore, online business opportunities are increasing day by day. Let’s first understand the aspects of online business in a country like India.


What Is The Present Situation Of Online Businesses In India?

India has a huge population of 1.33 billion people. While people have to face different kind of problems with this huge number of population. It also give us a huge market for different business plans.

Evaluation of cheap internet services and smartphones gave a huge marketplace for online business owners. The ecommerce platforms have transformed the way business is done in India.

E-commerce market value of India was worth around $3.9 billion in 2009. It grew up to $12.6 billion in 2013.

Our Indian ecommerce market is expected to rise to $200 billion by 2016 from $38.5 billion as of now.

Indian government is also supporting and encouraging people with many new programs such as Digital India, Make in India and Startup India to support online businesses in India.

All these things are helping people to create their online presence and make more money than offline customers.

What Do You Need To Invest?

If you are serious about starting an online business, you need some investment, and somewhere a lot of investment. This investment is not merely the money but it can be also in the form of skills and time.

  • You will need to give proper time to your work. You can’t expect your online business to grow on your own without giving time to it. If you are even devoting four to five hours a day for six months or more, it would work without disturbing your office hours.
  • Some amount of investment is a must for every business. It depends on one business to another but you need to be wise enough to invest. Don’t be a fool to spend your money and expect it to work without investing your time.
  • Read a lot of books and blogs related to your niche. Do not rush and do proper research on your type of business.
  • Critical Things You Should Know Before Starting an Online Business In 2022
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How To Choose The Profitable Business?

Now, to start a business of your own, the most important thing is to choose the business that would be profitable for you. It doesn’t just involve a thing or two but it has a number of things to consider.

  • Choose what you are passionate about. If you are willing to start your business without the proper knowledge of that field, be ready to bear the failure!!
  • Get engaging content. If it is any business, the must-have thing is the most engaging content. If your content is dull and not competitive enough, it would certainly urge your audience to switch to your better competitor.
  • Traffic is also an important source for any business. Get the right traffic from Google or Facebook or any other source that is most preferred.

Best Online Business Ideas In India

1. Blogging:

You will find thousands of individuals making a full-time income by sharing providing opinions and information on different topics for free through their blogs.

To be successful in this profession, it is important to choose a subject of your interest. And then, focus on reaching the target market for the subject. Topics can be anything you find interesting and also people have an interest in those subjects.

The topics can be:

  • Travel
  • Food
  • Review of Products
  • Health
  • Beauty
  • Sports
  • Lawn Care
  • Book review

Blogging is the most reliable online business to earn money easily. You just need to create a website, publish blog post articles and place ads to earn money. is a free platform to create a blog and make money online. You can create a website for free here and publish articles on any topic of your choice. After publishing few quality articles, you can apply for Google Adsense to earn money.

Blogging is most easy and fast way to earn money online. However, you just need to choose a topic for blogging which has a lower competition.

You can easily start making money after Blogging for 2-3 months continuously on a low competition niche.

Moreover, there are also many bloggers who earn more than $10000 a month. To reach at this level of earning. You need to keep more patience and have to invest a minimal amount of money as well. is a free platform to create a blog and earn money. Nevertheless, it has many limitations to increase your blog business at a professional level.

You need to buy a hosting plan and a domain name to create a self hosted website.

Here you will have each and every control on your website and its design. You can create unlimited content with many different customized themes.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is another profitable business that is loved by most people nowadays. It is the process of earning a commission by selling the other’s products.

Almost all the brands and all the companies who sell online nowadays offer to promote their products to the customer by promotion. They certainly need someone to promote it. The people who promote the products for them and earn the commission by each of the sold products are called affiliate marketers.

There are a lot of big names in all types of niches that offer the Affiliate Marketing program.  These companies are Amazon, Flipkart, Clickbank, Commission Junction and various others.  They have a separate affiliate program section for the affiliates.

There are two types of affiliate marketing:

  • Information Products: This type of affiliate marketing is about eBooks, videos, or a number of membership sites. The commission in this type of affiliate marketing is usually as high as 50% for the sales. The competition isn’t high enough too and also the barrier to entry to the affiliate program is quite low. The products are easy to find and promote.
  • Amazon Partner: As an affiliate partner with Amazon, some of the affiliate marketers make up to $50k per month. Sell the products of your choice and make sure the product you are selling is profitable. Join the Amazon Affiliate program to get started.

Before starting or investing in affiliate marketing, you must read some of the best Affiliate marketing guides. Make sure you have got the knowledge about the SEO and copywriting before starting anything here.

3. PTC Sites

PTC Sites are the most easy online home based job sites. There are thousands of ptc sites in the market. However, most of them are fake and some are real.

There are many different jobs available on these sites. You can take online surveys, complete tasks, watch videos, click ads and many more.

They have many different tiny jobs which can be easily done with few clicks on your screen only. You just need an email address to register here and a back account to receive payments. Then you can receive payments by many different methods like PayPal, Payoneer, Bitcoin, Payza etc.

You just have to work consistently and you will get paid for every click. Pay per click ad jobs are easy to done but hard to find. You need to focus on your job and you can earn passive income regularly.

4. Start An E-Commerce Store

There are a number of ideas for online business and the E-commerce is the most popular along with blogging.  Sell your products and make money. This is all it is about. You can sell digital as well as physical products with the E-commerce store.

If you are willing to sell your products and are still baffled about how to start with a new E-commerce store, a number of guides are available online.

A number of platforms are available to start and design your E-commerce store. I would recommend using Shopify for this purpose.  The other platforms are WooCommerce, Magento, 3dcart, and various others that can be used.

They offer a free domain and sometimes hosting too. Besides, this you can get also get the tools to promote your products online. You can also use various tools to market your tools and create a cart for your E-commerce store.

5. SEO Specialist

Seo still looks like a technical term for many people in this world. Search engine optimization is a process to increase the potential ranking of a website on Google.

Every website owner wants to rank higher on Google search results. It will increase their business and sales. Seo specialists do this job easily and make their website more trusted for Google.

You can learn SEO by taking some 4-6 month course or you can also learn it online. However people trust more on certified people. After that you can easily sell your SEO services to any website businesses.

People want to establish their online business but they don’t have time for these SEO tactics. SEO experts can easily make more than $1000 a month on a regular basis.

6. Dropshipping

If you do not own the inventory or warehouse and still wish to earn by selling the online products, you can start a dropshipping store of your own.

Dropshipping is an internet business where you do not need to own physical products. All you need is the website and just add the products to make the profits. You do not own the inventory, and nor do you need to take care of the logistics or suppliers or packaging.

There are even no pre-investments except for creating the store and marketing. Also, if the customer purchases the product using your store, you will only be charged after the order has been completed.

The best store for Dropshipping your products is AliExpress. You can begin your dropshipping using this excellent store. You can read the guides on starting your Dropshipping website.

You can easily find the suppliers for your chosen niche. Contact the concerned supplier and add the best products to your store. Market your store and build your audience.  Also, you need to take care of the SEO if you want your store to rank and get noticed. It is too hard to get noticed by your audience organically without the proper knowledge of SEO.

7. Youtube Growing Online Opportunities In India Without Investment

Online business in India has become so popular among people after evolution of Youtube.

As we all are already familiar with youtube and its business idea. In case you are still new with youtube. Read this guide on How To Earn Money On Youtube.

Youtube is operated and owned by Google. You can create a channel here to upload your videos. After continuously uploading videos, you will start increasing your subscribers.

After getting at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch hour on your channel. You can easily put ads on your videos using Google Adsense.

Youtube is a fastest growing search engine and taking place of Google day by day. People are preferring videos over text articles. Youtube is already giving online jobs to thousands of people.

You just need to become consistent on Youtube to provide quality content for your audience. Youtube is already transferring television audience towards internet.

It has many huge opportunities in the future. So don’t waste time anymore and create your channel on Youtube now.

8. Vlogging

While Blogging means that you are writing the content for the audience; travel, leisure, software, comedy, health, and beauty, or anything, blogging means that you are reaching your audience through the video content.

Vlogging is the best part-time business if you are good at expressing and speaking. In fact, some people like to watch or hear the product review instead of the written content.

All you need is the proper vlogging equipment and gears that are a must to start a vlogging channel. Make sure you have got the shooting camera and the microphone to shoot and record your video. There are a number of Vlogging platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and video motion.

You can also start your own channel and earn by reviewing the product. Also, you can become an affiliate and earn by using the review of the product and redirecting the customer to the store by clicking on your own affiliate link.

If you want to learn more about this online business, there are a number of guides on how to start a Vlogging.

9. Freelancing

Now, if you are fed up with doing the regular job and wish to make money online by using the skills that you are passionate about, Freelancing is the best online business for this.

You can be recruited online and provide the service to the relevant customers by utilizing your skills. You can do that full-time or even part-time.

If you are skilled in photography, writing, video and music editing, or any other genre, you can get hired by registering on the sites which offer Freelancing.  There are a number of freelancing sites from where you can get hired by the people looking for the services.

Some of these sites are Upwork,, Hubspot, Elance, and Fiverr. Not just in India, you can get hired by anyone around the world if you have got a good rating and a reputed profile.

If you are a newbie, keep your pricing low and sometimes even work for free to get better testimonials. The better testimonials mean that the chance of getting hired becomes double.

10. Online Consultancy

If you have got tons of knowledge in a specific field, you can start your own online consultancy business firm. A lot of people are doing online consultancy and making millions.

I have been offering consultancy in Digital marketing for the past many years. Choose the right field and know your audience well.  Be sure to have the right consultancy skills. You can read various tips online.

11. Start A Discount Coupon Selling Company

Now, there is no limit to the ideas for businesses online. You can sell almost anything online and if it is appealing, it will surely give you better returns.

The Indian or any other customers are most attracted by the discount coupons and special promo codes or various offers. You can start your company by selling deals and coupons to your customers.

There are a number of such companies and thus you need to explore and learn the proper skills to reach the audience.

12. Online Tutoring

Do you want to earn money while sitting in your home? If yes, then start offering tutoring services through Skype.

It is the best way of earning online. You can sign up with reputed websites like tutorvista and make money by teaching students of any age group over the internet.

13. Online Data Entry Jobs

Do you have minimal computer knowledge? Are you able to perform basic jobs on the internet? If yes, then you can make your extra time worth by performing online data entry jobs.

There are lots of companies looking for individuals who can enter data in their system from home itself.

You can get paper works like form filling and any other simple data entry job on the internet and perform them while watching TV or listening music.

You will be paid for your hard work and can make decent money on weekly or monthly basis.

14. First Aid Training

The first-aid training business can be started from home and can be operated part-time. Many industries such as construction, wear house, transport, manufacturing generally conduct first-aid training for their employees. Having expertise any individual can initiate this business with proper networking with the clients.

15. Fitness Instructor

Having expertise in aerobics and yoga any individual can initiate a home-based business as a yoga instructor. With very low start-up capital and a planned marketing strategy, you can initiate this business.

16. Flower Arrangement Course

Flower arranging or flower decoration with fresh and dried flowers is one of the popular sectors for decades globally. Having expertise in the field you can start this business from a home location and on a part-time basis.

17. Sell Your Photographs

If you are a professional photographer, you can utilize your skill to earn money online. But, first, you need to market your photographs to sell them online.

A lot of big companies pay for the photographs. These photographs are called stock images.

To start with the stock images, you can look at a number of sites that offer stock images. Initially, you will need to give away some stock images for free to attract more audiences, and then you can start charging for those images.

18. Buy And Sell Domains

You can rent your website if you have good traffic on your website. Buying and selling of domains are becoming a great job and are getting very popular on the internet.

You can rent a website or even can give your website for rent to people who need it. Both the ways you get profited in this type of job.

Are Online Business Profitable In India?

Online businesses are really profitable. There are many countries and every country have a different buying power.

In a country like India, online business is not just as easy as in countries like US, UK or Canada. Here you can get lots of people but they really don’t have that much buying power.

If you are targeting Indian audience for your online business, you might have change your mind. However, if you could provide some low price services in India. Then might be you could get a huge sales.

Low price products are easy to sell in a market like India. It is because many people are not that much interested in online products.

Youtube is a good option in India, Because Indian youtube traffic has grown tremendously in recent years. It is all because low cost internet connection are available there.

Blogging And Youtube Are Becoming Most Successful Online Business

It is true that AdSense gives you low CPC rates in India, but you could make additional money by taking sponsored reviews and videos. Because Indian youtubers are getting huge success in last couple of years.

There are lots of people choosing youtube as a career. It is because many people want to become a celebrity. And youtube is a great platform to make you celebrity.

There are millions of creators on youtube but only the better one are getting succeed. Youtube has a less number of content creators right now. Therefore, every new creator have more chance to get their channel on top.

You just need to focus on your content. Many people just copy paste the content and upload which is not helpful to grow on youtube. You need to be unique and consistent.

There are many other online businesses where you could start working. Online courses are becoming much popular these days. Thousands of people are creating online courses to teach people.

There are many options where you can create an online course. In every industry, people want to learn and gain the knowledge. If you have keen knowledge on any subject. You could definitely create an online course.

You can easily promote you courses or products on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or on any social media. ROI on social media marketing is very high. Most of the people use this social media platforms. That’s why, you can easily promote your things.

However, blogging is another best way to promote your online products. In fact, many experts say that investment on blogging is more efficient than on SMM. You can grow your blog for a long time by investing a one time amount.

Seo is the key factors to gain organic traffic on your blog. Investment on SEO is always a better choice to grow your business. It is because its a one time investment to get long lasting traffic on your blog. While you need to continuously invest on social media ads to sell your products.

Conclusion: Online Business Ideas In India 2022

These are certainly the best ideas for starting your online business and making profits. All I would suggest to you is to be patient, be dedicated, and not let yourself distract.

You are your own boss here and thus you need to take and give orders here. If you are stuck, watch the videos or read the tutorials online. You can also contact the industry expert and get the right consultation.

Also, find the right platform for promoting your online business, whether it is more targeted on Facebook or Google, or any other platform. For example, the industries dominating Facebook are Bollywood, Cricket, politics, media, and startups or marketing. Similarly, the industries dominating Google are Tech, Shopping, Health, and Finance.

This article will give you clarity about earning money online and will help you choose the option with suits your requirements and your core skills.

If you have more ideas, share them with us in the comments box!! Share with your friends and family and let them know about the best online businesses in India.

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